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Parent Handbook

Lifetime Directors

Stanley Halbrooks Jim Hourigan Brian Bulthuis Gayle Halbrooks

Parent Code of Conduct

  • I will help the coach aid my child by making certain my child is on time and properly equipped for all practices and all games.

  • I will support my child’s team and the AFCA as they strive to give my child a positive experience. I will volunteer where and when I can. I understand that my child’s coach has volunteered to spend countless hours of their personal time with my child.

  • I will support all coaches and AFCA volunteers working with my child. I will remember that the game is for the youth; not the adults.

  • No pets of any kind are allowed at the football complex.

  • No weapons of any kind are allowed at an AFCA event

  • Alcohol and smoking are not permitted at the football complex

  • Violence or physical confrontation of any type will not be to tolerated

  • No roller skates, bicycles or skate boards are allowed inside the fence at the game field

  • If I want to talk to the coaches I will do so in a respectful manner after or before practice. I will never confront or disrespectfully address an official after a game.

  • I will cheer for my child’s team in a positive manner; refrain from being negative toward the opposing team, the officials, coaches or AFCA volunteers.

  • I understand there will be no profanity under any circumstance before, during or after an Acworth Football and Cheerleading event. I understand that if I choose to use profanity during these times, I will immediately be asked to leave the facility.

I understand the above expectations of me as a parent. I also understand that it is my responsibility to make sure any guest of mine at an Acworth Football and Cheerleading event understands and conforms to these expectations. I further understand that ANY violation can result in me not being able to attend any AFCA events, including practices or games, and may lead to my child being removed from the league.


All Directors, Coaches and Team Parents are volunteers and should be treated with the same respect that you expect. THE AFCA IS AN ALL VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATION.

A parent or guardian MUST accompany each child at all practices and games. If you are unable to attend with your child, please advise the coach and/or TEAM PARENT, in writing/ even electronically who will be responsible for your child in case of emergency. (This person must be 18 years of age.)

Drive SLOWLY as you enter the parking area and watch for children running between the cars. (This is especially important when you enter the parking lot and when you pass the gates to the game fields.)

Parking is at a premium at our field. Park only in marked parking spaces. For the safety of our children and the potential access of emergency vehicles, the Acworth police have been asked to strictly enforce the law regarding parking in fire lanes. Parking is also available in the large lot on the Baseball Side of the Sports Complex.

Alcohol, drugs, firearms, or other types of weapons are prohibited at the Acworth Sports Complex, in the parking lot or at any facility where our children may participate. Violators are subject to arrest.

Smoking even Vaping is prohibited in all areas of the park including the areas where children are practicing and/or playing, the stands, in the restrooms and in the concession stand. Smoking/ Vaping may only take place outside the game field fence.

Good sportsmanship is expected of everyone! All persons are required to conduct themselves in a manner that sets a positive example for our children, whether you are in the stands, on the sidelines and whether you are at “our” field or at another Association’s field. Use of profane or vulgar language will result in immediate ejection from the park.

NO ANIMALS of any kind are allowed in the game area.

The concession stand operates as a fundraising activity for the Association. NO outside food or drink is allowed inside the field gates on game day. Team fundraising activities may not include the sale of food or drinks on game days or practices without the permission of the AFCA Board of Directors.

For insurance and safety sake, baseball, soccer, or any other activities not provided by AFCA are allowed on the game fields at any time (including during practice). Unless specifically requested by a coach, parents cannot enter the practice area or game field for any reason. Should your child become injured, the coaches will determine the seriousness of the injury and send for you as appropriate.

Admission Fee: Parents are put on notice there is an admission fee to all NWGYFL Games. All parents, siblings and guests should expect that they will be required to pay the fee to get in and watch their child.


Cheerleading fees include the use of a uniform (top, turtleneck liner and skirt), one (1) pair of bloomers, (1) pair of socks and a warm up a team bow, pompoms and 3 Cheer Competitions.

A $250.00 uniform deposit is required before uniforms will be issued. The cheerleading uniform is entrusted to you by AFCA for your daughter’s use at sanctioned AFCA events. No alterations may be performed without prior written consent of the Cheerleading Director.

The proper care and maintenance of the uniform is your responsibility. Your $250.00 deposit will be held by AFCA to insure its return in good condition. After the last sanctioned AFCA event, the uniform must be returned clean to AFCA with no change in condition, size or appearance, normal wear expected. If the complete uniform is not returned (skirt, top and pompoms), or is returned stained or damaged beyond normal wear, your uniform deposit will be used by the AFCA to replace the uniform.

Practice uniforms should consist of comfortable shorts and shirts. Hair longer than shoulder length should be pulled back. Athletic shoes must be worn.

Cheerleading squads are aligned by age consistent with the football teams.  Participants may not cheer up in age unless a parent is part of the staff of that older team. Maximum size for cheer squads is 35.

Registration is on a first come first served basis. Places cannot be reserved on a squad until all fees are paid in full.

Practice starts at 6:30PM on Monday July 23 and will be conducted on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Starting September 10th, competition practices will be held on Monday and Tuesdays and game practices will be conducted on Thursdays. All practices will be held at the football complex, weather permitting. Parents are encouraged and expected to attend all practices, but may be asked to remain out of immediate proximity to the practice area.

All cheerleaders are expected to participate on the cheerleading competition squad. Cheerleading competition typically occurs on Sundays around early October. Unfortunately, cheerleaders who have three unexcused absences to competition practice will be unable to compete on the competition squad. Absences associated with school or church events may be excused provided the situation is reviewed with the head coach before the absence occurs.

Individual cheer squads may choose to participate in cheerleading competition(s) beyond the primary cheerleading event sanctioned by the AFCA. Your cheerleading coach and TEAM PARENT will advise you of the possibility of such competition(s) and any requirements associated with such participation.


Football equipment consists of one (1) helmet, one (1) set of shoulder pads, one (2) pair of game pants, one (1) pair of practice pants and a complete set of pant pads (7 pieces). These items remain the property of the AFCA and are issued to you for your child’s use and protection. No alteration may be performed without the prior written permission of the Equipment Director. The proper care and safeguarding of these items are your responsibility and your deposit of $250.00 will be held in escrow by the AFCA to insure its return in usable condition. After the team’s last sanctioned AFCA event, on a date and manner identified by the head coach, the equipment must
be cleaned and returned to the AFCA without change in condition or appearance, normal wear expected. In the event of loss, if all the equipment is not returned or if the equipment is returned damaged, your deposit will be used by the AFCA for replacement. Upon request, the Equipment Director will provide a schedule of costs for issued equipment. Players receive team socks and a game jersey, which may be kept by the player at the end of the season.
ANY HELMETS WHICH ARE LOST OR DAMAGED (including the application of helmet decorations that cannot be removed) MUST BE PURCHASED for the replacement cost of $150.
If a player loses their helmet they will be issued a replacement
helmet, but will not be able to play in the following week’s game until the replacement cost has been received by the AFCA treasurer.
Each player is responsible for obtaining their own shoes (rubber cleats only, no metal cleats are allowed), mouthpieces, practice jerseys, or any additional pads that the player may want. Game pants and game jersey’s shall not be worn during practices!
Practices begin on Monday, July 22nd 2019. Teams may practice up to five times per week until the third Sunday in August. After
the third Sunday in August, practices are conducted on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Practices commence at 6:30PM and end no later than 8:30PM. The coach or TEAM PARENT will contact you in case a practice is canceled or rescheduled. Canceled practices/ events by the AFCA will be posted on the Association website.
Minimum Participation
Each football player who has not missed any practices during the prior week and is not injured or under discipline by the head coach shall play a minimum of eight (8) plays a game (twelve (12) plays for players on Instructional/ D2 teams).
Certification of age for all football participants is required by the football conference we are a member of, the North West Georgia Youth Football League (NWGYFL). Cheerleading competitions also have similar certification requirements. For these reasons, a
Certified Birth Certificate (With Raised Seal), is required for every football player and cheerleader.
After certification, all birth certificates will be returned to the parents as soon as possible through the TEAM PARENT. Those children, whose ages are not certified, will be ineligible and not allowed to participate in AFCA sanctioned activities.
Instructional Teams
The NWGYFL created the Instructional team concept to insure that new football players or those children looking for my instruction have a valuable football experience. The AFCA may form Instructional teams if sufficient registration and volunteer coaching resource exists. The following Instructional teams may be formed by the AFCA:

Instructional Teams

The NWGYFL created the Instructional team concept to insure that new football players or those children looking for my instruction have a valuable football experience. The AFCA may form Instructional teams if sufficient registration and volunteer coaching resource exists. The following Instructional teams may be formed by the AFCA:

Ages and Weights for D1 Football Teams

Division Restricted Position Weight Age
5u Unlimited may not be 6 before 7/1 & must turn 5 by 12/31
6u Unlimited may not be 7 before 7/1
7u Unlimited may not be 8 before 7/1
8u Unlimited may not be 9 before 7/1
9u Unlimited may not be 10 before 7/1
10u Unlimited may not be 11 before 7/1
12u Unlimited may not be 13 before 7/1

Ages and Weights for D2 Football Teams

Division Restricted Position Weight Age
5/6u >90 may not be 7 before 7/1
7/8u >110 may not be 9 before 7/1
9/10u >130 may not be 11 before 7/1
11/12u >150 may not be 13 before 7/1

Players will be assigned to Instructional teams sometime between the second and third week of practices. Head coaches will explain the process of assigning players to the Instructional teams during the first week of practice.

Instructional teams will play a regular season schedule with a championship game at the end of the season. Once the league knows how many teams there are in each age group the league will determine what divisions they will have and the exact format of the playoffs.

Players on Instructional teams who have not missed any practices during the prior week and are not injured or under discipline by the head coach shall play a minimum of twelve (12) plays a game.

Players on Instructional teams will participate in all AFCA activities just as D1 teams.

The Season


All football players are eligible to start practice on July 23rd. The head coach will contact all players assigned to his team to make them aware of when practice will start.

The first three days a player comes out to practice will be in HELMETS AND SHORTS ONLY! If a player starts football one week after practice has started and the rest of the team is already in pads, that child must still be in a Helmet and Shorts for 3 days of conditioning before they will be allowed to participate with full pads.

Practices may be conducted five (5) days a week during the first two weeks in August. Thereafter, practices are conducted three (3) times per week.

The first regular season game for Competitive League will be held on the last Saturday in August. Games are conducted on Labor Day Weekend.

The AFCA will attempt to schedule a practice game for D1 and D2 teams one week before their first scheduled game. The regular season for Instructional League teams begins the Saturday following the start of Competitive League play

Regular Season

Game schedules will be distributed as soon as they are finalized by the NWGYFL. Times and locations will vary from team to team.

Most games are held on Saturdays. Due to scheduling issues there may have to be weeknight games.

Five or Six year old games typically start at 9 or 10AM, with the older teams playing later in the day, possibly starting as late as 9PM.

We travel to play games with Associations from various parks in surrounding areas. Teams are located throughout Cobb County, in Rome (Floyd County), Hiram (Paulding County)  Rockmart (Polk County) and Douglasville (Douglas County).

The hosting Association may charge an adult admission and child admission at games

Game Day

Arrival of Football Players

Players MUST be at the playing field 1 hour 30 minutes prior to game time. Players must weigh in 1 hour before game time. This allows the players time to line up for weigh in, gives them time to stretch and warm up before the game. Players missing the pre-game weigh in will not be allowed to play that game.

Arrival of Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders should arrive at the playing field 30 minutes prior to game time. This will allow them time to get organized, stretch, prepare their banners and run through any last minute preparations. Please advise your coach in advance of any transportation problems.

Team Parent

Each head coach will select a “TEAM PARENT” who will have the following duties:

  • Collect birth certificated prior to certification date

  • Coordinate and aid in scheduling parents for concession stand duty and Spirit Shop duty (in conjunction with the Concession and Spirit Shop Directors). Confirm assigned workers arrived at assigned time and day

  • Coordinate fund raising activities with the Fund Raising Directors

  • Coordinate Picture Day with Picture Director

  • Coordinate Homecoming Activities of their team (including Homecoming ceremonies) with the Homecoming Director

  • Provide receipts for all banquet expenditures, paid by AFCA funds to the AFCA Treasurer.

  • Assist in distribution of football game jerseys, coordinate certification pictures, assist in the distribution of cheerleading uniforms

  • Attend weekly meetings scheduled by the Team Parent Director. Information regarding AFCA sanctioned events will be provided during those meetings and disseminate this information to the parents of their respective team(s) during weekly meetings. All coaches should receive any information provided to the parents.

Open a checking account for the team’s fundraising activities at a bank identified by the Board of Directors. Any expenditure of money generated by team must be paid for by check. All checks must be signed by the TEAM PARENT and the HEAD COACH. The TEAM PARENT must create monthly financial statements, including details of all expenditures, and must distribute the financial statement to the respective parents, coaches and the AFCA Treasurer. The TEAM PARENT must review the monthly bank statement with the HEAD COACH and submit a copy of the monthly bank statement to the AFCA Treasurer within 3 work days of receipt.

Other Activities

Picture Day

Individual, Team and Association pictures are taken as early in the season as possible. Picture day this season is September 9th.

Spirit Wear And Spirit Shop

Our Spirit Shop provides the latest WARRIOR Spirit wear for the entire family. It provides t-shirts, hoodies, visors, hats, back-packs and mouth pieces. Similar to the concession stand, parents will be requested to work the Spirit Shop. When you are asked to work, please be courteous and friendly. We urge all teams are asked to bid their cloth items through the Spirit Shop. Individual teams are not authorized to sell cloth items as fundraising projects without the express written permission of the Board of Directors.

Concession Stand

Our Concession not only provides the best ballpark food, snacks and beverages in Georgia – but it serves as our primary fundraiser. In an effort to maintain low prices while providing reasonable return to the AFCA, each parent is expected to work their fair share. Significant planning takes place to insure that the parents of each participant are scheduled to work. A concession deposit of $60 is collected at Registration and returned when assigned “Concession Duty” is completed. When you are asked to work, please do so cheerfully and take the opportunity to meet other members of the Warrior family!


All fundraising activity, including those initiated by individual teams, must be approved in writing by the Board of Directors. All Sponsorships (team and association) are to be directed to the AFCA Treasurer. Checks for sponsorships must be payable to the Acworth Football and Cheerleading Association. NO TEAM FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES MAY COMMENCE BEFORE BOARD APPROVAL IS SECURE


Participation in Acworth Football & Cheerleading Association sanction events is immediately covered by an Association acquired insurance policy. The coverage provided is secondary to any insurance coverage that you may already have for your child.

In the event of an injury, contact your coach. An insurance claim form may be obtained from the AFCA treasurer and must be completed in its entirety by the parent or guardian of the injured child, and returned to the treasurer within 60 days of the date of the injury.


A partial refund will be provided for players or cheerleaders who withdraw from the AFCA on, or before, practice ends on Saturday August 3rd. One hundred dollars ($100) will be retained from the registration fee. The partial refund is necessary in recognition that the AFCA acquires uniforms, equipment and supplies based upon total number of registrants as well as the costs associated with insurance premiums and administrative fees.

No refunds will be provided for players or cheerleaders who withdraw from the AFCA after practice ends on Saturday August 3rd.


Although it is our hope each year that no problems will arise, we have found that on occasion a conflict will develop which requires attention. If you find yourself in that situation, and you feel that special attention is warranted, the accepted process to address a concern is described below:

1) A primary consideration is to remember that all the coaches, team parents and AFCA board members are volunteers who are offering their time to work with your child.

2) Your first point of contact to discuss any issue is the head coach for the team on which your child participates. However, you should not do so in a confrontational manner, nor should you approach the coach on the game field or within eyesight or earshot of the children. Game days are not the appropriate time to approach the coach. Wait until before or after the next scheduled practice and do so away from the children.

3) If you receive no satisfaction from the head coach or you are not comfortable approaching the head coach, you should contact the Athletic Director if it is a football issue or the Cheer Director if it is a cheerleading issue to discuss the matter. The Athletic Director or Cheer Director will investigate the matter, set up a meeting with the appropriate coach/coaches and will provide you with a response. If a meeting with the coach is appropriate, the Athletic Director or Cheer Director will conduct such a meeting and act as arbitrator.

4) If you are not satisfied with the resolution while working with the Athletic Director or Cheer Director, you may file a formal complaint with the AFCA Board of Directors by contacting the President or Vice President. The formal complaint must be filed in writing. Upon receipt, the President shall call a special meeting of the Board, review the complaint and appoint a Grievance Committee to investigate the circumstances associated with the matter. The President shall serve as the chair of the Grievance Committee. The Vice President shall serve as the chair if the complaint is against the President. You will be advised in writing of the Board’s decision and any actions the Board takes in regards to your complaint.

5) If the complaint involves the Football Conference or the Cheerleading Conference, a formal charge (or complaint) in legible print shall be made to the Athletic Director (football) or Cheer Director. The formal charge will be provided to the President for immediate submission to the appropriate authority.

6) The NWGYFL maintains an on-line web site for complaints and grievances where you may directly register concerns regarding AFCA of AFCA personnel conforming to the NWGYFL by-laws. Most complaints to the NWGYFL are referred to the President of the appropriate Association for investigation and resolution as appropriate.



A primary objective of the Acworth Football and Cheerleading Association is to provide as safe an environment as possible for our players, cheerleaders, coaches and fans. Consistent with that objective, the following HEAT GUIDELINES have been developed for immediate use. The Association will install and maintain a thermometer which shows the current air temperature at the field. The Association will also use a device to measure the heat index (i.e. heat and humidity) at all outdoor events which Acworth hosts where heat could be an issue. Documentation will be kept. At all times in hot weather, coaches will monitor athletes for heat distress. Parents are strongly urged throughout the day to insure that players are adequately hydrated before coming to practice by drinking water or sports drinks designed to replace electrolytes. Drinks containing caffeine are discouraged.

105 or above No AFCA Outdoor Activities will take place. When the heat index reaches that level all activities are suspended for a minimum of 30 minutes and cannot resume until the heat index returns to a lower level.
100-104 Outdoor activities are limited to practice in cloth gear only (pants and T-shirts). Water breaks must be provided no less than every 15 minutes and players will be allowed to get water at any time. Frequent breaks should take place to allow the players to cool off. Coaches are encouraged to use cool towels to cool down players at least once per hour. Practices will be reduced to no more than ninety minutes in duration.
95-99 Practice in full gear will be allowed, with frequent water breaks no less than every 15 minutes and players will be allowed to get water at any time. Frequent breaks should take place to allow the players to cool off. Coaches are encouraged to use cool towels to cool down players at least once per hour. Practices will be reduced to no more than ninety minutes in duration.
90-94 5-10 minute rest breaks should be taken every hour, water breaks every 15 minutes, and players should be under careful supervision from coaches and trainers. Practices will be the regularly scheduled not to exceed 120 minutes.
80-89 Players will be watched closely by Acworth coaches for any heat distress and frequent water breaks will be taken.


Throughout the season, parents will be asked to assist with other duties such as helping with the chains at a game, assisting at the homecoming booth or other fund raising events, and concession / spirit shop duty.

We Thank You For Being A Part Of The Warrior Family And Know That You And Your Child Will Have A Great Experience.

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